There are many estate sale companies to choose from and most offer similar services. The most important part of deciding on an estate sale company is for you to feel comfortable with the competence of the company that will be handling the lifetime of memories of your family’s estate.

These folks did a spectacular job identifying treasures in my mother’s home I would never have seen. Knowing they are honest, clever and on my side really made a difference in the stress level of this move. Thanks so much.
— Derry Kinnaman, Palm Beach, FL
I trusted Alex and her team to clean out my entire home in a one day sale. Everything went for more than my minimum guess. Awesome service. So much help.
— Dustin Canary, Fort Worth, TX
I live in California and when my grandpa passed it was incredibly tough on my mom naturally. I was able to contact Premier Estate Team and not only did they do the entire job with incredible efficiency but the manner in which they kept me updated on the sale and even provided comfort in a tough time was unbelievable. Couldn’t recommend them more!~
— Riley Bach, Anaheim, CA